School Parties

I am starting to collect my ideas for games, crafts and snacks for school class parties to be able to refer back to. Please help yourself to any information you need! You have my permission to download and copy my documents. I just ask that you refer back to my blog. Click on the links that interests you and it will take you to my post of directions and "how to's." Make sure to browse around each party. Many of the games can be used for all ages! I went ahead and organized them into the grades, but I will re-use a lot of these games with any aged kids...even teens or adults could get into them. :)

Some advise - When you print the documents, use card stock paper and laminate them. That way you can get many uses out of them. I have learned this lesson the hard way and have wasted a lot of ink and paper.

Fall Parties
Preschool "I Am Thankful" Party
First Grade Harvest Party 
Pin the face on the Jack'O'Lantern

Christmas School Party
First Grade Christmas Party

Valentines Day Parties
Preschool Valentine Party Ideas
Valentines Party Games

Fruit and brownie kabob

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