Friday, November 25, 2011

Elementary Class Party - Harvest time!

 I was in charge of Melissa's first grade Harvest Party. This was my first school party that I organized. I love doing things like this and had a lot of fun searching different resources for ideas. Here are my ideas that I came up with. All the attached documents are free for your use and you are welcome to print them. These games can be adapted for older and younger kids.

With having a class of 19 students, I knew from previous volunteer time, that dividing them into smaller groups is ideal for full participation.

I set up 3 stations at different tables. Parent volunteers manned each table. I had to divide the class into 3 groups. The class all met in the center of the room to "Pass the Pumpkin" to find out what group they would be in.
Pass the Pumpkin - use a plastic "trick-or-treat" pumpkin that is filled with strips of paper that have the number "1," "2," or "3" on them. Enough for each class member. (I added one extra just in case.)
Option - you can have them sit in a circle and play music as they are passing the pumpkin. When the music stops, the person holding the bucket pulls out a paper.
Click Here for the numbers. (20 numbers)

Once everyone has their number, they go find their starting table.

Station 1) Candy Corn Bingo. I saw this idea online and made my own. All the kids get a Dixie cup full of candy corn, ( A little extra for eating.)  and a bingo card with letters and sight words. After the words and letters are called, the candy corn forms a shape of a pumpkin. (There are 3 different mixtures of words and letters on the bingo cards. So pass them out accordingly.)
~If adapting for older kids, add harder words.
~If adapting for younger kids, use pictures or letters.
Click here for the Bingo Card1.
Click here for the Bingo Card2.
Click here for the Bingo Card3.
Click here for the Bingo Call sheet.

 Station 2) Spider Crackers.
Click here to go to the site for directions.I printed out a picture for the kids to see. Plus the directions for the Parent Volunteer to explain the directions. Very easy! They enjoyed eating their craft.

Station 3) Rice "Find It" game.  Find several items that you won't be needing any time soon. I made 3 jars so I found 3 of the same items. After finding all your objects (I had 19), then put the objects in a mason jar or any other clear jar/container. Pour rice in the jars till it is about an inch from the top. Screw on a lid and tape securely with strong tape. Shake and turn the jar to "hide" the objects in the rice. Then make a clip art document with a check-off line by the picture. Use this sheet to check off the objects that have been found. I also attached my checklist if you want to copy it or just see how I did it.

~If you are adapting for older kids - use words only on your checklist. Use bigger jars and more objects.
Click here for the Rice Find It Checklist.

Along with the Rice "Find-It" jars, I also had a big rubber-made container filled with rice that had dum-dum suckers hiding in there. They had to reach their hand down and find the sucker.

Of course it's not a party without some munchies and goodie bags! We ended the games with a snack time of cookies, fruit and juice. I made up the goodie bags with items all the parents donated. The kids all seemed to enjoy the party! If I would change something, I would add, or replace one of the stations with one active game. These games did hold all of their attentions though. This party is planned for one hour.

Click here is a Schedule of the full party with a checklist for needed items.

Hope this was a help to you in party planning!

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