Power Juicing

Nate and I have done power juicing off and on for several years. This year has been hit or miss, but as I was reading my juicing book again, I was again inspired at all the health benefits it provides!
Some of the benefits that keeps us juicing:
*When you eat a carrot, you lose over 65% of the nutrients for your cells in the digestive process. That means as little as 1% of the nutrients reach the cellular level. When you juice a carrot, because you don't need to digest juice, 92% of the nutrients reach the cellular level!
After juicing faithfully for 2 weeks, I noticeably felt more energy, my nails were stronger, my hair was thicker, my skin was healthy; so I knew if those outward changes were taking place, than the health of my blood and organs had to be changing for the better too.

I have a juicing book* that tells of the different benefits of each fruit and veggie that you juice.
Here is an example of our favorite fruits to juice: (below is a look at veggies)
*Apple - Helps prevent colds, flu, intestinal infections; helps activate the body's defense system against bacterial toxins; helps arthritis, constipation, gout, indigestion, kidney disorders, liver disorders, rheumatism and weight loss.
*Carrot - Help soothe and tone intestinal walls, help strengthen bones, teeth, skin, hair and nails. Stimulates digestion and has a mild diuretic effect. It's most important contribution to the body is in its tonic and cleansing effect on the liver. Through regular use, carrot juice helps the liver to release stale bile and excess fats. When fat levels are reduced, cholesterol levels are reduced. Helps, acne, arthritis, asthma, bladder problems, bone problems, cancer, cataracts, diabetes, eye disorders, hay fever, liver disorders, pregnancy and delivery, skin disorders, ulcers, digestive and muscular weakness, and weight loss.

Some of our favorite juices:
         ~ Carrot, Celery, Apple, Spinach
         ~ Celery, Apple
         ~ Orange
         ~ Pineapple
         ~ Apple, Cranberry
         ~ Orange,Cucumber
All of these fruits and veggies are good in any combination.

Common Veggies we use in juicing 

*Celery - Celery juice has a calming effect on the nervous system. The minerals in celery juice make the body's use of calcium more effective, balancing the blood's pH. It helps in weight loss diets because it curbs the desire for sweets. Helps asthma, bronchitis, constipation, fluid retention, gout, insomnia, kidney disorders, liver disorders, nervous disorders and weight loss. 
*Spinach - Spinach is an excellent source of chlorophyll. It is also a good source of vitamins A, B complex, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, and trace elements. It's cleansing and building properties stimulate and tone the liver, gall bladder, blood and lymph circulation, and large intestine. Spinach juice is especially strengthening to the teeth and gums. Spinach juice is best used in moderate amounts, in combination with other juices, once or twice a week. If you choose to drink more than this amount, remember to increase your activity level to compensate. Helps anemia, cancer, circulatory weakness, colitis, constipation, diabetes, eye disorders, kidney disorders, liver disorders, nervous diseases, pyorrhea, skin disorders, poor digestion, and thyroid gland regulation. 

Juicing tips:
~ *You should drink your juice 1/2 hour before or after you eat. This helps not contend with the digestion system and helps your body receive the full benefits of the fresh juice.
~ *It's ideal to add variety when juicing. When I first started, I just made carrot, celery and apple juice every morning. It was good for my body but it's best to change fruits and veggies to add in other needed nutrients your body can be benefiting from.
~ A practical tip is to use an old cup. Carrot juice stains. We have our designated juice cups. Make sure to rinse the cup right after you drink it.
~ There is a lot of information and recipes online.

*From the book, The Juicing Book by Stephen Blauer

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