Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Class Party Snack

I wanted to "think out side the box" for the kids Valentine party snack. The usual is cookies or cupcakes. I saw this idea on pinterest for a fruit and brownie kabob. This was a hit! The kids loved them. We also served Valentines floats with vanilla ice cream, 7-up, and a Twizzler for the straw.

Valentines Ideas

 We wanted to pass out fun valentines that didn't include candy. I found some neat ideas on pinterest for these. Micah's is a bouncy ball in a baggie that says, "Valentine, you make my heart bounce!"

Hallie and Melissa decided to go with a twisty straw. The Valentine says, "Sip, sip hooray! It's Valentines Day!"

Kitty Valentines Box

Hallie is in a small preschool class. We decided to make a smaller Valentines box for her. Thanks to pinterest again, we took a small, square, Kleenex box, covered it in tissue paper, and glued on the kitty face and tail. She was proud of her much so she named it Bella!  ;)

Owl Valentine's Day Box

I have been pinning different V-day box ideas on my pinterest account. So many fun ideas! Melissa wanted to do an owl. Here is our Owl box! Made with tissue paper and a big boot "shoe box." We made sure to cut an secret door in the back so she could get all her treasures out. She named the owl - Laughter!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Winter Activity for Girls

Sometimes it's hard to find things to do in the winter time. One day, the girls and I decided to gather all their dolls and give them a "bath." We took off all the clothes and washed them all. Then we washed the hard surfaces of the dolls and sprinkled some baby powder on the soft parts. We brushed and fixed their hair. We even washed some of their hair.
After their clothes were done, we redressed them! They had fun and now we have some nice clean dolls!

Boys Room Redo

When Luke was at a church camp last summer, we decided to surprise him by redoing the boys room. We had been needing to repaint anyways, so why not do a mini "while you were out?" We decided to paint the walls gray and add some new things to the walls.


Summer Lanterns

Back in the summer, we had some fun making homemade lanterns.
We took old soup cans, drew a simple design, and poked holes along our design . Then we added a tea light candle, wire for the handle, and tried them out in the dark. This would be fun to do for an evening party and decorate the outside with your lanterns. 

Easy, fun and cheap!
Need: soup cans (bigger ones work good), wire, tea light candles, hammer, and large nails
Directions: Freeze water in soup cans overnight (or till frozen)

Design your can with a simple design. Ideas could be a heart, star, smiley face, poka dots, etc.Have a parent or older child, hammer the large nail into design. The ice in the can helps it keep it's shape. Make sure to add two hole in the top of the can on either side to add your wire handle to it. When done hammering the holes in, thaw the can under warm water to remove ice. Dry it, add your tea light and wire handle. Now you've got your lantern!