Projects Ideas

I LOVE when my kids come home from school with a project due. Whether its a model of the solar system, a time line of their life or a Valentine's box, the wheels in my head instantly start spinning. If they bring home math homework...I send them to their dad.
I'm am keeping a collection of the projects we do together, first of all so we can remember them, and second of all so we can inspire you. As always, feel free to copy any of these ideas, if you are asked, just mention my blog. Thanks!

Look back often as the list will continue to grow as school projects keep coming!

Valentine's Day Box Ideas
Rapunzel's Tower, Football field, Wall-E, Telescope, Others
Lightening McQueen box
Princess Crown Box 
Owl Box 
Kitty Box 
Valentines to pass out

Models/Maps Ideas
Making a land form out of gingerbread

"All about me" School posters

Pine Car Derby Design Ideas
Jelly Belly Car Design; Pink/Lime Green Cheetah Print
Lightening McQueen Design; Zebra Hot Rod Truck 

Edible Checkers Game

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