Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Princess Crown Valentine Box

Hallie decided on a princess box. I suggested a crown and she was super excited for that idea. I saved a box that Nate brought me anniversary flowers home in that would work perfectly! When we have these unusual boxes come home, I am always saving them to use for kids projects. It's fun to think "outside of the box" when it comes to projects. Off we went to make a crown!
 First, we spray painted it a shiny gold. It didn't take as nearly as many coats as McQueen did. After the gold dried, we sprayed gold glitter all over. Then, we bought those plastic jewels, at Walmart in the craft section, that have the sticky back. It was perfect for Hallie to attach the jewels to the top of the crown. Then we put some gold glitter glue around the crown opening. After that, we made a couple swirls with pink glitter glue on all four corners.

 We took some pink and purple felt, what's a girly Valentine box without pink and purple and glitter, and cut scallops in the top to put on a finished look.
Lastly, we added Hallie's name in the pink glitter glue and called it done!

Happy as Princess with her crown box!

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