Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Preschool Valentine Party

Party time! I went to help out at Micah and Hallie's Valentine party. It was fun to see all the decorated boxes the kids made! After showing off everyone's boxes, they started with a craft. All the kids brought in a picture of them and they made picture frames and decorated them.
Then it was time for the first game. Sarah, the room Mom, cut out, hand cut out,several construction paper hearts and hid them around the room with double stick tape. The kids got to go hunting for them. After the hearts were all found, the kids sat down and got to count all their hearts they collected.

 The next game, the kids took turns being simon for simon says. Whoever was simon got to pick out a sticker. That way, we knew who all had a turn being simon. 
 Simon says, Crab Walk!
 The last game was Valentine twister. The girls went first then the boys.
 Not sure they had all their "lefts" and "rights" correct, but they had fun finding the colored heart that was called and twisting themselves into a pretzel!

 It wouldn't be a Valentine's party without passing out Valentines cards...and candy!
 Take a look at some of the cute boxes they made...

 Hallie and her princess crown.
Logan had a Toaster box had a slice of bread sticking out that said, "Your the best thing since sliced bread!"
 Drew decorated a fun Spider man box! Micah had his McQueen box.
 Lyssie made a piggy box and Becca had a red box all dazzled with ribbons and sparkles!
 Cupcake time and punch time!

The party ended with a Valentine's story while the kids finished up their snack.
Fun Times!

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