Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lightening McQueen Valentine Box

 You know how I love to work on school projects with the kids. I was already getting ideas for Valentine boxes this year when Luke said that his class doesn't make them and Melissa said their class already decorated bags in their class. WHAT? No Valentine boxes? So I turned my creative juices to preschool Valentine boxes. Micah decided on Lightening McQueen. I was up for the challenge. So we started searching through our empty boxes and found the perfect buster brown shoe box.
 It took several coats of red spray paint to completely cover buster brown, but we finally covered it.

 On the front of the box, I measured down 2 inches from the top and 3 inches from the side to cut out the windshield & hood area so it would slant down. (I would suggest you do the cutting before you spray paint. It will help finish off the edges better.) Save the cut part for the spoiler.
For the lid, I cut an upside down "V" where the lid met the top of the slant on the bottom box. We folded the lid to make the windshield and hood.

 After we got the red paint finished, we went on a hunt for all our CARS books to look at how to paint on McQueen's features. This is the part where Micah helped. I like to have the kids help with their boxes...although sometimes I wish I could do it all, perfectionists, you know what I mean right?....but I do want my kids to add their own creativity to their boxes. It's a good lesson in how to problem solve too. How can we get a shoe box to look like Lightening McQueen? Then walking them through all the steps and being patient! At first, Micah kept saying, "This doesn't look like McQueen?!?" As we kept finishing steps, it was fun to watch his eyes get bigger and then say, "Oh, it DOES look like McQueen!"
As we painted, I would outline a section with paint and Micah would paint it in.

 After we painted all the features on, we hot-glued the spoiler on the back. To put in the Valentines, you simply lift the hood and drop in the Valentine.


Here he is, McQueen box and ready to party!

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