Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pine Derby Car Designs

 Awana Grand Prix time again! This year, Melissa chose a zebra painted car. She wanted it to look like the orange truck in the picture.
Nate craved the shape of the truck out of a block of wood. Didn't he do a great job???
After he was done with the sanding, Melissa painted it all white to start.
 We had a piece of paper with a zebra print on it that helped start us with the design. I would pencil in the zebra stripes and Melissa would paint them black. After she was done, I went through and cleaned up the lines so it looked nice and smooth. We also added a glittery, silver stripe around the car and for the headlights.

 Luke decided on Lightening McQueen. Again, Nate carved the shape out of a block of wood. Nate...awesome job, Babe. You rock!
 Luke and I penciled in the designs of Lightening McQueen and then started painting. We borrowed a couple Cars books from Micah that helped us. I found this cool paint pen that we used for black. This was great for details and even coloring parts in. It was not as messy either...that's a HUGE plus!

 Here they are, the finished products!

 Awana Grand Prix Race

Melissa came home with a third place in speed and second place in design! Luke got second place in speed. They were very excited...and so was Nate ;)

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