Saturday, March 3, 2012

Edible Checkers

For our Awana program, we have a bake auction to help raise money. I always enjoy making fun things for this auction. Last year, I made a Gingerbread church! My idea for this year came from the inspiration in a gift my Cousin gave me for Christmas. Candy Construction by Sharon Bowers, has a lot of fun, edible ideas. When I saw the idea for an edible checkers board, I knew that is what I wanted to do for the auction.

In the book, it gives a recipe for blonde brownie for the lighter squares of the game board.

I cut the edges off of each side. Then, I cut the rest of the blondies into squares. Hmm...wonder where those two in the middle went? *lip smack*

I bought a cardboard cake platter. These are in the cake decorating section at any hobby store. Then, I laid the blondies out first and added the brownies. The book also gives the recipe for these. Oh these brownies are so good! Tasted like dark chocolate fudge brownies!
After the game board was all laid out, I took my hand and my large cake spreader to push the pieces together.

After the board was finished, I put the board in a window cake box. For the games pieces, which are mini oreos and mini nutter butters, I cut off the end of a cereal box and covered it with foil. The game pieces fit in real nice. It was fun to decorate the box with stickers and directions. If you can't read the picture below, it says, "Directions: Wash Hands, Play Checkers, Eat Game"

My Pastor bought it at the Auction and then kindly let us have it back to enjoy. So we played it as soon as we got home! The kids had fun playing it...but more fun eating it!

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Kara said...

That was really cute! I LOVED the church you made last year and look forward to each year of seeing what you come up with. You are sooo creative!!
If you need a cake or anything for your event, Contact Julie!!