Monday, November 28, 2011

Posters For School

For "All about me" posters for school, I ask my child what theme they would like. I will give them suggestions like favorite colors, sports, hobbies, etc, that sort of thing. Then we make a poster like the theme. For Luke it was soccer. So we made the soccer pattern on the poster.
For each black spot, we taped a picture and the white spots each had something about Luke.
For instance, "Favorite color - red." was written on one of the white spots.

For Melissa's "All about me" poster , she chose a flower. I can't find our picture so I don't have a picture to show you.  So close your eyes and picture this...although, you need to keep your eyes open to read so...never mind. I turned the poster with the long side up and down. We cut out pig pink petals from construction paper and pieced a green stem and leaf together. After taping the flower on the poster board (some of the top petals over-lapped the poster board), each petal had a picture of Melissa from when she was a baby to her current age. The leaf had some of Melissa's favorite things. We also traced a butterfly and bee flying around in the open space and listed favorite things on those as well. It turned out so cute! If only I had the picture!!!

Next year, when it's Micah's turn to make an "All about me" poster...I WILL take a picture of it for you!


Noelle said...

I love those ideas....I may have to steal the flower one!! I WISH you had a picture!!!!!! =) Addisyn's class does a "star of the week" where each child has a week where they bring in a poster about themselves. Addisyn has a week is January!

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm so bummed I can't find the pic!!! It was so cute! Hopefully you can picture it ;) I just love thinking outside the box...or the poster in this case ;)