Saturday, November 26, 2011

Preschool Class Party

Preschool "I Am Thankful" Party!

My younger two kids go to the same preschool. they have a small class of 6 children. If you want to do these same games with a bigger class, some adapting will need to be applied.

First Game:  Sweep the pumpkin. Have children line up and take turns "sweeping" the pumpkin across the room and around a box or chair, then "sweep" the pumpkin back to the next child. Go until each child has had a turn. If using a larger group, you might divide up into 3-4 groups.

Second Game: Thankful Turkey Hunt.Then we sat at the table and each child got a construction paper feather to write (if they can sound out the letters) or draw something they are thankful for. This can be adapted for a harvest party by drawing something about fall time. Then we went on a turkey hunt! I told the kids that there is a Thankful turkey somewhere without his feathers! I had a path of turkey footprints outside the door, through another room and into yet another room where the Thankful Turkey was.

As we walked out the door, they followed the turkey prints through a "tunnel" (made with chairs and a sheet)...

                                                                                     over a mountain (a two-step stool)...
and then finally into the room where the Thankful Turkey was. I lined up chairs on either side of the turkey and they took turns being blindfolded and put their feathers up on the turkey.

After we were done, they followed the turkey tracks backwards to our room.  I understand that there might not be room to do all that in many preschool classes, but even walking down the hall following turkey footprints would be fun for them!

Third Game: Find It Rice Game. Instructions for this game is in my previous post for the Harvest party. Click Here and look for the Rice Game Instructions.

This is a fun game because it appeals to all ages!
Activity: Cookie decorating. We finished off our party with some cookie decorating. I brought frosting in individual Dixie cups with their own plastic knife. They could put one spoon of fall sprinkles on top.
I also passed out some cheese crackers, (did you know that Cheez-It makes scrabble crackers with alphabet letters on them? Perfect for preschoolers!)  and some juice boxes to enjoy.

How To's:
Thankful Turkey - I google searched a printable turkey, printed it out, colored it, cut the feathers off, and taped it to a poster board. Decorated with green grass at the bottom and wrote "Thankful Turkey" at the top. I drew my own feather shape on construction paper and cut out enough for the class with a few extra. There were a couple younger siblings that came so they used the extra feathers. Always have extra! Bring clear packing tape to tape down turkey footprints. I also google searched "Turkey Prints" and printed 40 of them. I brought double-stick tape to tape the feathers onto the poster board. A bandanna is what I used for the blindfold.
FYI - some preschoolers might feel nervous to have their eyes covered, that was the case in our class so we just let them close their eyes or even just walk their feather up and stick it on.
The "tunnel" and mountain were a last minute addition to my turkey path with things that were around the preschool. It made it fun for the kids. I will attach the links to the things I found online. Reminder - if you can print these out on card stock and laminate them, you can use them for future use!
Click here for the turkey footprints.
Click here for the printable turkey.
Click here for the Schedule of the party.

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