Monday, November 19, 2012

Jack'O'Lantern Game

Here is a fun game for fall parties:
Pin the Face on the Jack'O'Lantern
Needs: 1 Thick poster/foam/card board with a plain pumpkin colored on it and covered in clear tape
            Jack'o'lantern face pieces, nose, eyes, mouth, stem made with card stock and laminated
            Double-sided Tape
How to play: Put all face pieces in an orange pumpkin bucket. Let each student pull out a face piece. Take one student at a time. Blind-fold them, spin them three times and put double sided tape on the face piece and have them try to put the piece on the pumpkin poster board. After all the face pieces are taped up, get a picture of their silly Jack'O'Lantern!

This works well when you divide a class up for stations at a party. I had 5 students in each group which worked well with this game. This works best with a smaller group but if you have to add a few more kids, you could add more "features" of the pumpkin; example: ears, leaves, vine, etc.

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