Monday, November 19, 2012

School Valentine's Party

Here are some game ideas for a Valentine's Day party at your child's school.

Candy Heart Game:
Need: Dixie cups - enough for each student
          Plastic Spoons - enough for each student
          Big bowl of candy hearts

To Play: Give every student a dixie cup and write their name on it. Keep the cup at their seat. Divide the class into 2 teams. Line up on either side of the big bowl of candy hearts. On "go," one student at a time will fill their spoon with as many candy hearts as they can and carefully take it to their seat and dump them in their own dixie cup. That student then sits down. First team through the line wins! You can do this for 2 turns if you want the game to last longer. When game is done, everyone can eat their candy!

 Life-Size Board Game:
Need: List of questions  (download here) or make your own!
          Heart Papers  (download here) or make your own!
          Heavy duty tape
          1 Dice

Set Up: Print out heart papers on several different colors of card stock. The colors this game takes are pink, red, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Laminate them. Tape the laminated colored hearts in a connecting circle around the classroom, like a board game.

To Play: I made this game for my daughter first grade class and they had a blast with it! You are welcome to use my list of questions or make up your own! To start, I had all the students take of their shoes, (this helps preserve the game for future uses) find a heart near them, and stand on it. Roll a dice. Have the kids move as many spaces as was rolled. I would then ask a question and they would have to move according to the question. Here are some sample questions:
  • Everyone on a pink heart, do 10 jumping jacks.
  • Everyone on a red heart, give your teacher a high-five!
  • Everyone on a yellow heart, move ahead to the next yellow heart
  • UPSET THE COLORS (means everyone has run and find a new heart to stand on)

 Here is a picture of my kids playing it at home.

They had to do 5 push-ups!

This proved to be a fun game that can last however long you want it to. It is also nice because it involved everyone at the same time!

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