Monday, November 19, 2012

Couples Get Away

 Nate and I were so excited to plan our first couples getaway. Three other couples from our church and Nate & I, rented a cabin in Hocking Hills. It was SO NICE to get away with friends and relax! Out of us four couples we have 14 kids! Needless to say, we were enjoying the quiet!
 We went on a short, relaxed hike Friday night and had fun taking pictures of the beautiful scenery.

 Just us Girls!

 And...the Men.

 Mike and Jenny before going through the tunnel.

 Nate and I

 Josh and Jen

 One of the 5 waterfalls we saw

 On Saturday, we went for an 11 1/2 mile hike. On this hike, we packed our lunches in our backpacks and took off! It took all afternoon! We got to see some beautiful scenes like waterfalls, a couple caves, cliffs, fire tower, creeks and of course a lot of woods!
 Geoff practicing his balance beam! That's one thing that happens when you let the parents out without kids...we get to play!
 This was Cedar Falls. Last year Luke made a model of this for a school project on Ohio Landforms. These were my favorite falls. Very pretty!
 View from the top of the fire tower. Not everyone was up for climbing to the top but I made it up and it was worth could see for miles!

 Mike and Geoff blazin' their own trail.

 Here is a glimpse at what the trails looked like. It was not just a flat, straight trail. We were hiking up cliffs, over big rocks, through tunnels and over tree stumps and roots. I'll tell ya...when we were done with this hike, we were ALL moaning and groaning! Girls called dibs on the hot tub when we got back to the cabin ;)

What a wonderful time with friends! This will probably become a tradition every couple years. Who knows, with a few years of hiking, maybe we will be up for climbing Mt Everest! Ok...maybe not...the hot tub sounds really good about now ;)

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