Thursday, July 28, 2011

Life Action Family Camp #3

 It was really hot. Did I mention that yet? I thought I over packed, but what I didn't realize is that when you walk from your cabin to the lodge to eat in over 90 degree weather, you pretty much need to change your clothes again. I took 2 showers every day, wore about 4 outfits a day (including exercise clothes and bathing suit), and realized there was no reason to pack make-up on this trip! So it's well noted that I will pack double when the weather is over 90 degrees on our vacation.
 Having a schedule on vacation was actually nice. Breakfast was at 8:30, Chapel - 10:00, Lunch-12:30, Free Time - 1:30-5:30, Supper - 5:30, Chapel - 7:00 followed by a snack at the lodge. There was an optional Men's devotions at 7:45 two times and a ladies fellowship before lunch one time. You were welcome to leave campus at free time if you wanted to. We decided to stay and enjoy everything the camp had to offer.
 Each night they had a snack. Pretzel night was by far the best night!!! Everyone got a ball of dough and made their own pretzels. Lissa saw someone braiding their dough so that's what I helped Lissa do. You could choose salt or cinnamon sugar as your toppings. I got the recipe because they were FABULOUS!
Most of the time when you hear the words, "camp food," it doesn't sound appealing. Well...this camp's food was fantastic! In fact, our first morning back home Luke said, "I miss camp food already! All we have is cold cereal for breakfast!"
 During the free time, there were different activities that were planned if you wanted to participate. One day there was a w.h.a.t. competition. (I don't know what it stands for and every time you asked someone, they thought you were asking "what?") You divided into teams and participated in games. Nate, Luke and another Father and Son from Mansfield that we met, joined together as a team. Each team lined up and had to run and form an assembly line and gather balls from the lake and throw them into a bucket.
Ready, set,  go!
After your team gets 3 balls into the bucket, you turn over your bucket. Their team got second place.

 The next station was bowling. But this kind of bowling was with sticks. They each had a turn to knock a pile of wooden rods out of a big square with a big rod they had to throw.

 The last station they had to figure out this puzzle. Nate said the brain station was their downfall. Only two teams make it to the finals. But they had fun making memories together!
 One afternoon there was face painting in the lodge. It was kind of a bummer that it was so hot because after they got their paint, they tried not to get it wet but...did I mention it was hot???
 Beautiful skies!

 Have you ever heard of carpet ball? Now you have. It was a fun game that all the kids loved. Luke spent a lot of time playing. There was a carpet ball tournament one night.

Our cabin had 3 sets of bunk beds. The older two slept on top and the younger two slept on the bottom. The third set of bunks had a queen bed on the bottom and that is where Nate and I slept. There were 2 showers. 2 sinks and 1 toilet. There was a little fridge and microwave. The fridge was stocked with bottled water. It also had 2 dressers and 3 big closets. Thankfully there was an air conditioner too because did I mention it was HOT???

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