Thursday, July 28, 2011

Life Action Family Camp #4

 Wednesday night was Date Night! Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of Nate and I that night. All the assistants took the kids at 5:15 and we weren't supposed to pick them up till 9:30. Nate and I dressed up and went to the lodge. It was decorated nicely with round tables with table clothes and candles lit. We enjoyed a wonderful meal and then went off campus to a coffee shop to enjoy alone time. We came back in time for a canoe ride on the peaceful lake before going to pick the kids up. That was wonderful! Nate and I laughed and enjoyed each others company without the kids for an evening.

 Friday was a family fun fair at the beach but unfortunately that was the only time it rained. So the activities were moved inside. It ended up being a welcomed break from the heat.

 The kids got to decorate crosses.

Paint pieces of wood.

 Make necklaces.

And play any kind of board game you can think off! 
The rain did clear up and they got to go outside. There were two big bouncy houses the kids got to enjoy. Then we spent the rest of the time at the beach!

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