Thursday, July 28, 2011

Life Action Family Camp #2


Okay, pretty much every day was a water day because it was in the 90's every day with a heat index of 100-115...but I am posting all our water pictures here.
Each family got a free half hour of boating. You could water ski or go tubing. This was all the kid's first time to go tubing.
 Melissa and I enjoying a leisure ride.
 Luke watching as he looks forward to his turn. He went with Nate and they went a lot faster. But they both stayed on their tube!

 I couldn't believe it...Micah decided he wanted to try it too! He went faster then Melissa and I went!

 Luke and Micah riding in to the dock.

I have been so proud of Micah lately. For as rough and tough as he is, he is still very cautious about trying new things. He did it ALL this trip! He even went down the water slide which went fast! He spent a lot of time here. Liz would be watching him at the slide while the rest of us were at the beach!

 Lacy is a great swimmer and Micah just started putting his whole head under water. After this week of hanging out with Lacy, he was swimming under the rope and jumping in.
The kids enjoyed collecting shells and making sand castles too.

 Let me introduce you to Blob. Blob is a very exciting and yet unpredictable fellow. Basically, Blob is a big, air-filled pillow. To personally meet Blob, you have 2 options; 1) you can jump from a high deck and land on him, 2) you can jump from an extremely high deck and land on him.

After you jump on Blob, you crawl to the end of him and wait till the next person jumps to send you flying into the air in no specific fashion, eventually landing in the water. As you are flying into the air, all you are doing is praying that you don't do a belly smacker.

Here is Luke being blobbed off into the water.
 Ashley and I on the first deck.

 Me jumping onto Blob. I thought I was going to fall backwards!
 Ashley blobbing me off. Thankfully Ash is small and petite, so I just went gracefully into the water!

 Nate blobbing Jamie from the top deck.

 Nate getting blobbed off. the bigger the person blobbing you, the higher and farther you go.

 Nate blobbing Luke.
Some of the adults and brave kids who blobbed each other were flying as high as the top deck! It was very entertaining to sit on the beach and watch the blobbing. If you heard the onlookers take a deep breath, then you knew there was a high-flying blobber in the air!

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