Thursday, July 28, 2011

Life Action Family Camp #1

 Earlier this year, in March, I went on a Woman's retreat in Buchanan Michigan at the Life Action Ministries Camp. At this retreat, they offered a 50% discount for family camp this summer. After Nate and I talked about it we thought that we shouldn't pass this opportunity up. I have a lot of pictures so I will write several posts about it. I will number them so start here...#1.

Let me preface this by saying this is our family's first, 6-day vacation. We went to Wisconsin to visit family for a few days and traveled to the Wisconsin Dells for a couple days which was a 5-day trip. But we have not vacationed at one place for a week long time till now. I was a little cautious as to how we would all do. Praise the Lord it was a great experience!!!

 We drove about 5 hours to Buchanan, Michigan. Nate bought the DVD series of the Sugar Creek Gang for the van ride.

*** Note to the maker of the the DVD player in Vans; Dear DVD Maker, You have become a Hero to all the parents of young children who desire to travel any more than an hour and on certain occasions, 10 minutes, to insure a pleasant, quiet, not having to answer the "are we there yet?" question every 10 minutes... kind of ride. There is no other simple way to say it than, we. love. you. Sincerely, Nate and Julie Jungeberg.***
 Okay, back to the trip! When we arrived at Life Action, we were greeted with the most awesome thing ever and what all vacations need...a family assistant! Liz was there to help with the kids and anything else we needed. She was wonderful! Liz watched Hallie as she took a nap one afternoon and the rest of us went tubing. She helped the kids at meals, played with them, put a load of laundry in the washer for me and was a great friend to talk to. You can use your family assistant as much or as little as you need. She was wonderful and I am so glad God had her as our assistant!

These are our friends that came to camp too. Jamie, Ashley and their daughter Lacy. It was great to have some friends you know. Plus, Micah and Lacy were in preschool together so they had a blast playing together every day.
We had a morning session and an evening session. The kids stayed with us for the first part of worship, then they all got to go to their own classes. It was almost like a VBS where they had crafts, games, songs, lessons and memory verses.

 The camp was big enough that they offered bikes for a $1 a day to get to all the different places. We brought our own trailer that hooks to the back of an adult bike for Hallie so that is where she rode. The rest of us got bikes for the week. Micah did awesome! He got a bike with training wheels and rode up and down all the hills all week. When we got back home, he got on his bike (we took off his training wheels a few weeks before to help him learn to ride a bike) and he just took off! So, no training him! All it took was a week of riding up and down hills to give him the confidence to ride!


 The kids loved the park. It was right by the lodge where we ate our meals. When they were done eating, they would go down and play till us adults were done.
 This fountain area was in front of the lodge. It was full of gold fish!

The Camp was right off Clear Lake. It fits it's name well because it had very clear water. The lodge overlooked the beautiful lake. There were many canoes that you could take out any time you wanted to. We took advantage of that several times. Luke said this about family camp, "It was AWESOME!"

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