Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Children Are a Heritage

I have been reading the book, "Feminine Appeal" by Carolyn Mahaney with my Girls Bible study group. This book has been a wonderful insight and challenge for growing in the virtues of the Titus 2 Woman. One of the chapters a while back challenged us to write down ways our children are a heritage, reward, and blessing. I found this to be a great insight on really focusing on who my children are becoming and strengths they are developing. Here is what I found as I sat and reflected on my Children;

Heritage: Looking back on my family line, we have a long line of believers. As each generation has shared their faith with the next, I feel privileged to teach and guide my children to grow in their faith as well. There is no better verse for a Mother's heart than, 3 John 1:4 "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the Truth." I pray my Children will continue to carry on this most important heritage and grow their relationship with their Savior and teach their children how to have a personal relationship with Jesus in time to come.

Reward: I struggled several times with keeping a pregnancy. After 5 miscarriages, two before Luke, three after Luke, I cried out to the Lord with a desperate cry for more Children. As He heard my cry, and I delivered 4 healthy babies, I feel so blessed! Of course there are hard days, days I struggle with being a Mom of four kids, but when I sit and reflect on my four Children, the love and joy that fills and overwhelms my heart makes me praise God for these true rewards from His hand.

Blessings: As I contemplated the blessings my kids were, I had to look at them individually.
Luke - I prayed for a boy first. God gave Nate and I, Luke Christopher. What a boy he has become! Luke has such endurance. He will keep at something, especially a physical challenge, till he can conquer it. I often refer to him as the energizer bunny! Luke is a fast learner and has grown in knowledge tremendously. If he is presented with a challenge, he will rise to the occasion in an instant to overcome it! He has a soft spot with babies. He was a great help with all his younger siblings. I have enjoyed seeing Luke mature over the years. He and I enjoy laughing and running around at the water park doing all the big rides together! Luke is definitely a driven young boy. I can see Luke's personality growing into a strong leader.

Melissa: I consider all my children miracles but Melissa is at the top of that list.When I was first pregnant with her, I was showing signs of miscarrying again. Nate and I were on our way to the hospital, crying and pleading for the life of this child. Praise the Lord, He kept her safe and nine months later we got to meet Melissa Christine. She has blessed our family with her loving kindness. We have all been blessed by her thoughtfulness which, as of late, has been colored pictures taped to our doors. Melissa has a sensitive heart which helps her make good choices. If I had to guess what Melissa would want to be when she grows up, I would venture to guess a teacher or nurse. Her love for others will be a wonderful support for anything she puts her mind to.

Micah: Or Blankie Boy as he has become known in our house. There is something about this little boy who looks at me with his big round eyes and a blankie stuffed in his mouth that makes me want to scoop him up in my arms and squeeze, hug and kiss all over him! Micah has been the "toughie" in our family but as of the last year, I have seen him grow in leaps and bounds! He has become so giving. Often he tells me something that he wants to give to someone. I have decided not to hinder this growth and I have allowed him give to his hearts content! He has a sweet protection of his younger sister Hallie. He will hold her hand to cross the parking lot to make sure she is safe. Micah's heart is opening up to the Lord. I have heard him say several times now, "Mom, I'm thankful for God." He is very particular with certain things. For instance, when he plays with his cars, he will line them all up, color coded! He is the one that brings us much laughter with the things he comes up with. I look forward to seeing how the Lord continues to grow Micah's personality and what strengths he will develop.

Hallie: Last but not least, sweet little Hallie. After adjusting to the chaos of three young kids, God sent us this gentle little girl for the cherry on top! She has been content from the get-go. Hallie loves to play with older kids. She soaks up the attention. Then she can turn right around and play, "Momma" with her doll baby on her hip. Hallie is getting to the age now where she wants to be involved with the older kids. She will sit and color just as long as the older ones will. Hallie has a special connection with her Daddy. He gets her loving greeting everyday when he comes home from work. Hallie also has a sensitive heart. She is sad when she gets scolded and loving when others get hurt. I'm excited to see how Hallie will continue to grow and the strengths that the Lord will give her.

I praise and thank the Lord for these four Blessings, Rewards and Heritages.

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Valerie Hunter said...

Love this post, Julie. You are so blessed...and so are your children to have you for a mommy (and Nate for a daddy, too)!