Saturday, February 12, 2011

Gingerbread Church

 Our Church has a bake auction every year as a fundraiser for our AWANA program. It's always fun to see what goodies show up for this fun occasion. I decided I wanted to make a gingerbread replica of our church. I started the project on Tuesday and this is what my kitchen looked like...pretty much ALL WEEK!!!

This project took priority over a clean house this week. The next pictures show you what happens to the rest of the house when I'm busy.

 At least they were busy too!

I put the last few touches on Friday - Here's the Finished Project!

 This is Jen, my friend who plays the piano. I made the piano out of a big heart Reece. I cut half down on one of the humps and added tic tacs for the piano keys. Rolos were the legs of the piano and a kit kat was the piano bench. And yes, Jen is wearing a dress.
 This is the front of the stage in the sanctuary. The cross is made out of gum. There are two stained glass windows on the front wall along with two wreaths made out of the peach rings. A roll-up made our projection screen in the right-hand corner with the drum set made of rolos and necos in front.
 This is the big stained glass window made out of crushed, hard tack candies.
 Here is Clint Root. Our greeter who passes out our bulletins, which are little cut pieces of gum.
 Here's the pews made out of Hershey/almond bars filled with people! We have a banner in the back of our church with a tree on it.
 Luke is sitting at the sound booth. He works the projection screen for our worship singing for the second service.

 Shot of the drum set and podium with Pastor Marc's Bible.
Here is Pastor Marc with his frosting, M&M tie.
 Our Gingerbread Church!

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