Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rag Curls

 My Pastor's wife told me how to do rag curls with my girls hair. I was just going to do Melissa's hair but when Hallie saw what we were doing, she wanted in on it.
 This is how I did it:
I took an old t-shirt and cut it into strips. I took sections of the girls damp hair, combed out the tangles, put some gel in it, wrapped the hair in a t-shirt strip and tied the ends in a knot.Then sent them to bed.
In the morning, Nate and I untied the rags and unrolled the tight curls that bounced right back up to their heads! It was a little comical how it looked at first!  But after I pulled a few curls apart and secured it back, they looked like little dolls! After the day went on, the curls started to stretch out.
 Hallie - after I styled it.
Back view.
I may experiment with different thicknesses of rags to see how those look. Either way, I know I will be doing it again and again. My girls like all things "Girlie!"

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