Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Party, Party!!

Melissa celebrated her birthday with Grandma and Papa Jungeberg at lunch and then went shopping. Then in the evening, Nana joined all of us for pizza, cake and ice cream. We were sorry Pappy couldn't make it due to not feeling well.
Despite the rainy day, we all enjoyed celebrating with Melissa!

Our church had a rummage sale in the summer to raise money for a friend of Nate and I. He just had a pancreas transplant. During the sale, Melissa kept wishing for this My Little Pony castle with all the accessories. (Down to pony shoes - I'm sure they will be meeting my vacuum some day) Too much to wrap so we set it all up on our downstairs table for her to "open" in the morning before school.

Pizza Party!

Melissa asked for a "Hello Kitty" cake. It was fun to make with some easy directions online.

Here was the comic relief for the evening. This was right after Micah fell off the chair and 3 seconds later yells out, "I'm okay!"

Melissa and her new doll.

Make a wish Melissa! May God's blessings pour out into your life in this next year of your life! Mommy and Daddy love you!

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