Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Closet!

My two girls share a cute, little, room. As they get bigger, the room gets "littler." Ever since Hallie was born, we have struggled with drawer space for the girls. As I was getting all the fall/winter clothes out and was all but jumping on the piles of clothes to fit in their drawers, I knew we had to do something! Besides, their clothes are only going to get bigger.

As I was making a mental list of all the options we had, Nate and I visited the Container Store early this Summer. Wow...I just stood there and gazed, looking at all the organizational stuff. Right then and there, I knew I had my answer!

Has anyone ever heard of Elfa? It's a organizational system that you can custom fit to meet any need you may have. It is expensive. So it went on our , "To save for" list. Soooo, a few months down the road...
Guess what, last week a friend gave me a coupon for 20% off the container store. Yahoo! Time to go shopping! Monday we took a trip to Columbus and came back with a closet!

I forgot to take a before picture so I took a picture of the empty closet.

Nate starting the process.

Puttin' drawers together...even used a hammer. Nate stopped and watched for a second. Not sure if he was impressed or scared for his life.

Lissa helping clean up.

Hallie's finished side. (Not sure why she has socks on her silly...must take after her father ;)

Melissa's finished side.

Complete with clothes and all!

The empty space is where the girls laundry basket goes.

This project went so smoothly. Most of our projects have multiple trips to the hardwood store. It took about 2 hours, start to finish and no extra trips!

I LOVE it! I am already making plans for the next closet re-do!


fearlesschef said...

Gasp! That's on my "to save for" list as well now! Not for the kids, but for me. In our old house, we had a closet about the same size as your girls, but now we have a blank canvas that I'd like to pretend was orderly. Of course, it will be solely up to me to keep it like that... even with an enticing laundry chute to throw clothes in, there's still a pile on the floor in the morning. :D Do you have to measure the space and then put the pieces together like a puzzle when you get there? And can you do lots of drawers?

Anonymous said...

You can start online with a basic design. That's what i did. Then I took all my papers and went down to the store and there were some things I wanted to change. And they help you right there in person change whatever you need and can see things all set up there. If you want you can start from scratch at the store too, I'm just a plan ahead kinda person...maybe that's the scientific momma in me :)