Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's the Little Things

A few of the Little things that make me smile:

~ When Micah comes to me and says, "Mom, you're the best!"

~ After dinner chores. Everyone has a job to do after dinner. As I am washing the dishes, I just smile as everyone is working together. Don't get the wrong idea, there are complaints and some whining, but they all keep working. It's a good feeling.

~ When I listen to my kids tell me a story or explain something to me. I love to listen to the words and expressions they use.

~ Watching Luke sit with Nate and enjoy a football game together. I am amazed at things they talk about...I think Luke knows more about football than I do!

~ Playing soccer with Micah. He and I are a good match for each other!

~ Those special moments when all my kids are playing together and are enjoying it!

~ Treasuring the moments my kids can cuddle up with their Grandparents.

~ When I hear one of my kids jumping up and down when I make a favorite meal, bread or dessert. "Mom you are the best baker!"

~ Overhearing them playing by themselves.

~ Watching Hallie run over to greet Nate as he comes in the door from work each night.

~ The smell of my kids, the feel of their cheek against my cheek, the sound of their joy and laughter, all these fill me and bring me refreshment.

Thank You Lord for Your sweet miracles you are letting Nate and I borrow! You have blessed us beyond imagine!

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