Friday, October 8, 2010

"Back In My Day..."

I took the kids to our local apple orchard the other day. They make the BEST apple doughnuts! They are not too sweet and not too big. We usually will get those as a treat when we stop there. But this visit, I bought old fashioned candy sticks. Several months ago, I told Luke how those candy sticks used to be my treat as a child. While my Mom would shop for produce at Sandy Hill, I got to pick out a candy stick or two. It was so fun to pick a flavor because there were so many to choose from! I decided to treat them to one of my favorite childhood treats. It was a joy to watch them pick out their flavors. On our way home, Luke said to me, "So back in your day this was your favorite candy?" I couldn't even answer the question for a few minutes because I was so taken aback. Did he really just say, "Back in my day?" I stifled a little giggle and sighed, "Yes Luke, back in my day, that was a treat."

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