Thursday, September 2, 2010

School Days

I never thought a decision about schooling for my kids would be such a stress! I have many friends who home school and I home schooled Luke for 1st grade. I have constantly gone back and forth with the idea of home schooling my kids. I had decided to try it this year. I had got all the material I needed. I was excited! In my head I saw our family growing closer to each other and to the Lord. I envisioned a clean house, children eager to learn and patient to wait their turn when I couldn't help them right away. I saw my younger two kids playing sweetly on a rug beside the schooling kids. I saw us sitting on a blanket in our backyard doing science. I saw my kids asking me what they could do to help out around the house when they were done with school work. I saw us all working as a team and laughing and smiling the whole time! When Nate got home, I saw a healthy, homemade meal for our supper. At the end of the day, I saw my eager Children gathering around the couch for family devotions. Then they would all go sweetly to bed with hugs and "I love You's!" Then I would climb into bed each night and look back on my day, be satisfied with my impact in my kids lives and enjoy every minute of our perfect lives!

Yea...that was my vision!

Instead, this is what it looked like: The schooling children dragging their feet to the school area. Complaining that they wanted to watch a cartoon. One child would call for help, the other would call for help, not one thing could I finish with one child before someone would be calling for my attention. Complaining, fussing, clean house turning into messy house by the second, two younger kids glued to a cartoon. A nice homemade meal for supper? Forget that, let's just set up an account with the nearest pizza place!
Needless to say, I was extremely stressed.

All I could think about was the classroom they would be in if they went to school. How they could get all the attention they needed. How they would learn to work in a group setting. How they would be able to use resources that they wouldn't be able to at home. So last minute, we enrolled them into school.

I am at peace. I am rested. I am not stressed. I have time to regroup and be the mom I want to be. I am trying to pour myself into focusing on their heart instead of their mind.

There is a part of me that feels empty. I think because I prepared myself to be busy with home schooling this year. I have been raising babies and toddlers for nine years now and I only have two at home in the morning. Only 1 when Micah starts his preschool once a week! I need to refocus and follow God's leading in my life. The time is going to fly as my other children trickle into school. I am not going to lock the door of homeschooling, it is just closed. God will have to open it if that would be His desire for our family in the future.

Anyways, I don't have a career to return to. I don't desire to go to school for anything. So I'm awaiting the Lord to give me some direction for my life. Before I had kids, I didn't work. I loved baking and cleaning and organizing and helping others when needed. But now, things have changed for me. Then, I cleaned my house in several hours each day, now, I know how to clean my house in 20 minutes if needed! So my prayer is for the Lord's leading right now.

Okay...that was a long introduction to school pictures huh? I just wanted to give some background of my heart and thoughts before I moved to the fun stuff...

Luke's first day of fourth grade!

Lissa's first day of kindergarten!
Our school has the kindergarten students have a staggered start to help them get used to the classroom. So Lissa's first day was Luke's second day.

Showing off the new backpack!

Being silly.

Melissa and her teacher.

Sitting in her seat.

Micah and Hallie waiting for Melissa to get off the bus.

Here she comes! Thankfully, our school district is still offering half-day kindergarten. So I let her ride the bus home with the morning kindergarten students. She said she was a little scared the first time. But now she is a pro!

Showing her where she needs to stand when she gets off the bus.

All smiles! It was a good first day!

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