Thursday, September 9, 2010

10 Things I Can't Live Without!!!!!

I was thinking about certain things in my life that it would be hard, not impossible, but hard to live without.
Now, let's just get beyond the obvious and put on record that, of course, my desire is for God and His word, to be first on any kind of list like this. Close behind; Nate, kids, family, friends, church, health, nature, fresh air...etc. that we are on the same page, without further no specific order, my LIST:

1) My vacuum cleaning tools. Especially that long skinny one that gets into those hard to reach places. I LOVE that thing! I really feel satisfied when I can use it, weird, I know, but still true.

2) "Extra" gum. Specifically the Polar Ice flavor. Polar ice has those little flavor enhancer ball thingys in it. You bite into one of those and it's an explosion of, well, polar ice flavor in your mouth. I admit, I have become a gum addict. I chew gum after a meal, to settle my stomach, when I forget to brush my teeth, when I don't want to snack or when I'm just plain bored, I pop in a half piece of polar ice gum and I feel so refreshed! In fact, I am going to go get a piece right now...I'll be back in a minute.

Okay...I'm back, polar ice breath and all!

3) Automatic spell check. Now that is a wonderful tool for me! Thanks to this feature, the word, "adieu " in the beginning of this blog, is spelled right! I have never been so thankful for red squiggly lines before. My Mom would tell you that countless times me or my dad would be calling out how to spell a certain word. Spelling is one of my Mom's strong points. Side Note: Luke must be taking after his Nana. He had the "BEST SPELLER" award last year in his class. And, his first spelling test this year he got a 105%! (5 bonus words, in case you were wondering) I guess I will be asking him how to spell words ;)

4) Dish washer detergent. 6 people in our house...need I say more?

5) Flip flops. I wear flip flops as long as I can! Then, at the first sign of Spring, I break out my flippys! They are SO easy and SO cheap! You can find flip flops on sale for $1!!! Wear them with a skirt, dress, shorts, pants, capri's, p.j.'s, skorts...okay so you get the idea that I wear flip flops with everything!

6) Ice maker. I didn't realize how much I liked my ice maker broke. How convenient to push a button and get ice...even to choose crushed or whole! After a few weeks of our ice maker being broke, of course this was in the Spring/Summer time, I begged Nate to fix it! Filling 100 ice cube trays every 2 days was getting so old. (Okay 100 is an exaggeration...but it felt like it.) My sweet Nate looked up how to fix ice makers on the internet, ordered the part he thought we needed, it sat on top of the fridge for 2 weeks, then...HE FIXED IT!!!! Yay. I love my ice maker.

7) Music. I need music. Nate and I both grew up with music in our homes. His Dad and my Mom are both wonderful pianists. Music has become so important to me. I listen to music to worship; I listen to music to dance; I listen to music when I need encouraged; I listen to music to get motivated; I listen to music when I run; I listen to music when I clean; I need music.

8) Laughter. It does a body good! Oh wait, maybe that's what milk does...well, anyway, laughter definitely does my body good!

9) I hate to say this for fear of what you all will think of me...but I have to say it...I can't live without my hair dryer, diffuser and hair products. I think all you naturally curly hair girls will understand this. Wavy hair just needs help. I just don't prefer to looked like a drowned rat and that, my friends, is what I would look like without these things. That's just that.

10) Kitchen aid mixer. It's like literally having a Kitchen Aid! I put the ingredients in, turn it on, leave, come back and it's mixed! It's wonderful for bread dough that needs kneaded. (say that 10 times fast :) Now...where can I get a cleaner aid???

Hope you enjoyed this light-hearted post!

Stay Tuned...10 Things I Can Definitely Live WITHOUT!!! blog post...coming soon.

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