Monday, September 13, 2010

Ten Things I CAN Live Without!

The promised blog of the 10 things I can live without.
Again, let's get on the same page and know that of course I can live without evil, sickness, tragedy, labor and delivery, yearly examines and all the like.
So, here it random order...

1) Potty. Training. Why can't children just automatically be potty trained on their second birthday? How nice would that be!

2) Weeding. Some people like weeding and say it's relaxing to them. Call the local spa and schedule my massage - that's what I call relaxing!

3) Junk Mail. Does anyone really look at their junk mail? Anyone? It seems that so many people want to go green, well here's an idea, how about stop sending junk mail?

4) The color purple. I'm just not a big fan of purple. Some shades are okay and for little girls it's cute, but for decorating and my own clothes...sorry purple, it's not you it's me...but I choose pink.

5) Ironing. Wrinkles are the new fad right?

6) Sweats. Let me explain this one. I love my exercise pants and I would go out in public in them without a second thought. But sweats, the kind that have the elastic at the ankle...uh...that's a big no. I don't even own a pair of sweats. Now I have to say my kids do own sweats. They are good for playing in the snow, staying in on a winter day, and when you aren't feeling good. But as far as I'm concerned, it won't bother me if sweats start to go into extinction.

7) Old electronics/appliances. Do these things pile up in your house too? Why can't we throw them away? Supposedly we are to save them for spare parts. Send them to the spare parts store...that's what I say.

8) Raking leaves. I love fall! But I really could live without raking leaves. Aren't they supposed to make a nice compost? Can't they just compost into the grass??? Right where they land??? I'm not convincing anyone am I? Well, at least it provides good exercise!

9) Above 90 degree days. There is nothing like a hot summer day...but by hot, I mean, 85 degrees. Nothing sounds fun in 90 degree weather. Especially exercising. The only thing that sounds good is quite the opposite...eating ice cream!

10) Stuffed animals. Oh yes, they look cute and sweet, but they are like rabbits in the spring, they keep multiplying and multiplying! That is why you see so many garage sales with a big box of stuffed animals marked FREE. I have fallen into their trap many a times and I am not deceived... I know I will fall again...stuffed animals have power...a cute, fluffy power.

Well, that concludes the live, live without series! I hope you enjoyed them!

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