Monday, August 16, 2010

Grandma Wee Wee

In a past post, I said I would go into more detail about my summer. The defining moment of my summer so far has unquestionably been the home going of my Grandma B. Early this summer, Nate's Grandma passed away and last year, my Grandma P. passed away. So it's been a tough year with Grandparents in our lives. Both my Grandma's were involved in my life and I loved them both dearly. My Grandma B, my Mom's Mom, lived a road over from where I grew up and I was closest with her. This time has really been a lot harder to deal with then I thought it was going to be.

I would love to share some memories of my Grandma that I treasure:
~ Walking up to her house to spend the night.
~ Waking up to the sound of the radio and the smell of toast and spreading her homemade jam all over!
~ Playing jewelry store, fox and goose, I spy, reading books when I was little. Then moving to Yahtzee, aggravation, challenge rummy and flinch when I was older.
~ Sewing lessons, Christmas cookies and candy, canning/freezing foods, eating brunch once a week.
~ Her homemade celery seed salad dressing, sticky bread, apricot Christmas cookies and her apple pies.
~ I never left her house empty handed.
~ She always had a smile on her face, she always gave me a hug and she always wanted to help. Even when she wasn't physically able to help, she would still ask me what she could do for me to help out. She was a servant!
~ Grandma went through a lot of tragedy. She lost her first little girl to meningitis at age nine, she lost her first husband when my mom was only 12. Though all that pain, she was never bitter.
~ Grandma was faithful to church and it's been such a blessing to be able to read about her walk with the Lord in some poems and letters she wrote.

My heart literally hearts remembering all my sweet memories of her!

A memory I will always cherish; my brothers and I, arm in arm, saying our goodbyes to her as we looked down at her in her casket. I hope she knows what an impact she made in our lives.

Grandma has always been referred to as "Grandma B." She said that she kinda wished she would have started us grand kids calling her Grandma Lee. Luke was a baby at that time and I said that my kids can call her Grandma Lee. (Her name is Letha) As Luke started talking, he said the sound of "l" as "w." So Grandma Lee, became "Grandma Wee Wee." Sorry Grandma...we tried! :)


Grandma, I'm so glad you are free of pain and with our Savior now! I'm excited for you to be reunited with your loved ones! But I'm so sad to not have you here with us. You have inspired me and many others in tremendous ways. I want to be like you in many ways! God blessed my family with a great Grandma and I hope to make an impact on others the way you have. I love you dearly and I miss you terribly, but I will see you on the other shore!

Love, Julie

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