Monday, March 22, 2010

Bike Trail, Coffe and Goldfish

We took the kids to a family fun night at my old high school. Luke won a goldfish. This is goldfish number 2 for our family. Last year was the first experience. It lasted for about 12 hours. But Luke was so excited about having a pet that he would hold the goldfish and take it for walks...needless to say...I'm surprised it lasted THAT long! So this time he knew that it's best for the fish to be left alone and just to enjoy watching it.
Saturday, Luke and I went to the bike trail in the afternoon. I've been training to run my first 5K this year and I wanted to try to run on the smooth, level surface of the bike trail. So Luke rode his bike as I ran. I told him I just wanted to run 3 miles. We started walking to the first mile marker so I could warm up and start watching the miles. We took off and it was such a pleasant time with Luke. It was good for me to be able to talk to him and run at the same time. It seemed like it took forever to come to the next mile marker. Finally we came to it and I said we need to only go about half way to where we think the next one will be. We came around a bend and I thought I saw the next mile marker a ways down the path. Luke rode on ahead and came back to say that was the next one already. If we were that close, might as well go to that one and then maybe I can run 4 miles! We turned around at mile marker 15 and headed back. Next, came to mile marker 14 and I said hopefully this last mile will go quicker on the way back than it did coming out. As I was running, I was starting to get worn out and it was still taking forever! It finally dawned on me that maybe...just maybe there was a mile marker missing! As we FINALLY came to the last stretch and I saw the mile marker we started at, I told Luke to ride down there and tell me the number that it said. He comes racing back and says, "Mom! It's mile marker 12!!!" So...mile marker "13" is MISSING! I ran 6 miles. I couldn't believe it! What an experience to have and to share that with my son was really special! A 5 K is only 3 I ran double my race! Now I'm excited to get back out there and run just the 3 miles with some more speed.
As we came back home, we walked in the kitchen and all I could smell was coffee and fish. Evidently, Micah and Melissa thought Luke's fish might want some coffee. (You see where I'm going with this don't you.) Let me explain the scene to you. I see brown water in the fish bowl. Brown water on the counter, the instant coffee container opened with a spoon in it and Nate leaning over the sink with pliers in hand and flashlight propped under his chin, digging in the drain for something. It was like slow motion as I look from one end of the kitchen to the other, processing all this in my head. I came to the conclusion at the same time Luke did...wails come bursting out of him as questions come flying out of my mouth to confirm my suspicions! Yes, the fish is now stuck in the drain (the disposal side I might add) and Micah and Melissa are sitting in their rooms awaiting the punishment for feeding the fish coffee. Sigh. The story ends by Nate saving the fish, it lives for about 3 minutes, Luke mourning the loss of "Goldy" number 2 and Nate taking Melissa and Micah to buy Luke a new fish. My mom said this sounds like a sitcom episode!
Goldfish lesson #1: Don't hold or take fish on walks
Goldfish lesson #2: Don't feed the fish coffee

p.s. Goldfish number 3, lived about 18 hours. Nate and Luke buried him in the back and marked his grave with a headstone. (The other 2 fish were sent to the ocean...all drains lead to the ocean right? ) Tonight at supper, Luke asked to have a memorial service for it.

THIS will be interesting! :)


Noelle said...

When your kids are all grown up you will have to write a book!!! I got a good laugh...thanks!!

-Beth said...
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-Beth said...

Aw that's so sad! poor Luke! and that poor fish!

about your running, you had a comment about wanting to go to the trail b/c it was smooth! those were my intentions also, until my Luke rode his bike off the edge and down the cliff! :( it's on my blog back in like 08' of Sept? or October? (actually it was Nov 4th)