Thursday, April 15, 2010

Remeber Me?

Hi there. You will have to be patient with me and blogging now that the weather has turned nice! I spend a lot of time outside but unfortunately, the work inside gets left undone so it's almost like double work in the summer time. Anyways, lots of stuff going on here at the Jungeberg household. The biggest right now is that Luke wanted to get baptized! So it's on the calendar for next month. I'm excited to see Luke take this step in his spiritual life. Nate and I get tired of all the attitudes and disrespect and defiance. Down right sick of it! But when one of your children takes a spiritual step, it is a breath of fresh air! Thank You Lord for my children! Thanks for the steps they take towards You!


-Beth said...

How exciting Julie! thanks for sharing!!

Valerie Hunter said...

I'm so with you on the blogging thing. I kind of want to take a hiatus for the summer! How awesome that Luke is wanting to get baptized.