Monday, March 22, 2010


I joined all the other gardener "lovers" and got my hands dirty during these beautiful days! My first outdoor project was transplanting my 2 blueberry bushes. So I started digging up the sod this week.
When we moved in our house, there was a grape vine planted here. The vine never produced good grapes. We dug up the vine last year and left the grape arbor thinking that would be a good place for a blueberry "patch". The birds love blueberries so we will be able to tie netting to the arbor to protect the berries from the birds!

Step 2: All dug up! Nate tilled the dirt up and we added soil and some aluminum sulfate (good for blueberries).

My 3 "helpers" throwing sod into the cart.

I want to keep the weeds out as much as I can so I decided to lay down some landscape fabric. Micah was a big help pushing down the lawn pins. He stuck with me the whole time!

I had 2 bushes that I transplanted and we found 4 more bushes at Sam's club for $16.00! Here are the baby plants. The finishing touch will be the mulch which we will add this weekend, weather permitting.

The kids taking a break on the swings!

Hallie swinging like a big girl! She loves being outside!

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