Sunday, February 21, 2010

3 Milestones

This past week, our kids have made some big milestones that I wanted to share. First, I remembered teaching Luke to tie his shoes the summer before kindergarten and Melissa is that age now. So we sat on the couch, practicing with Micah's shoes. Kids shoes nowadays don't come in tie very often. in fact, Lissa doesn't have any so we had to borrow other family members to practice :) After some practice, she was off tying everything in sight!

We redid the boys room and I will show before and after pictures when we get some finishing touches done. Here is Luke the first night in his "new" room.

The second big milestone is Micah moving to a big bed. We were given these 2 twin beds and it is a huge blessing for the boys! Here is Micah tucked in for his first night.

And last but certainly not least...potty training Hallie! She has showed interest in going on the potty for a while now. I was praying that was a good sign she was ready. The first day she had 16 successful potty trips and 8 oops. The second day she had 13 successful trips and 8 oops. And the third day she had NO accidents! (I keep a tally mark on the first three days of potty training the kids.) The older kids were a big help too! Luke even took her potty a few times all by himself! (Which was a wonderful break for me!) Today was the first day out in public and she even went on potty at church!!! I'm so proud of her and thankful to the Lord for allowing this to go so smoothly. I know she might have some accidents here and there, but she has far exceeded my expectations! It makes her seem all grown-up!

Praise the Lord for growth!

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