Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Room Redo!

Boy's Room Redo
When we moved in, I painted Luke's room orange with a blue stripe. It also had sports wallies throughout the blue stripe. In the picture above I had already taken them down.

Room in process.

Room finished!

We painted the far wall blue to match the lighter blue in the comforters. The other walls we painted a light beige. I was trying to decide what decorations would look nice on the walls. The night we finished painting, I dreamed about hanging silver letters (their initial) with a red star on them. The next morning I told Nate what we were to hang above their beds ;) So this week we found the letters and stars at Joanne's and Nate airbrushed the letters silver and the stars a red that has a little shine to it. It turned out really nice! I told the boys the star represents that no matter what anyone else says, they will always be stars to Nate and I! I have my eye on some shelves to hang on the other walls above their beds to put their trophies and other special things on. There are a few other finishing touches we plan to do. Melissa is now looking forward to when Hallie gets to a new bed to redo the girl's room.

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Noelle said...

Very cute!! The boys room looks great and I'm sure they are loving it!!!