Thursday, July 2, 2009

Playing Catch Up

Now that I have finally figured out how upload our pictures with our new computer, I can update everyone on what's been going on. Here is a recap of where we left off.

We have had friends over and had a tractor ride.

Luke receiving his soccer trophy for this season

Luke's soccer team

The new addition to our family...the trampoline

Getting ready for Melissa's ballet recital

Their class represented Clifford the Big red Dog.

Melissa's preschool graduation. There is a contest every year for who reads the most books in 2 months. Melissa won! We read 706 books!

The kids sleep over. Micah's first time to have a "sleep over."

Luke's Birthday! 8 years old! I made him an Oreo ice cream cake decorated like a soccer ball.

His birthday present...a new bike and helmet!

Cousin Jared over for the day.

I'm still baking! Homemade focaccia bread.

A friend's new baby, Jaydon.

Luke's second grade treasures!

Melissa's preschool treasures!

So there are the highlights, in a nut shell!

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