Monday, June 8, 2009

Step By Step

Continuing with my journey the Lord is leading me on, God revealed Himself to me in an awesome way. Last night I went on a long walk and was praying for continued guidance. As I was cooling down, I laid on the trampoline and tried to quiet my mind and just "be still and know that He is God." I took notice of a dead branch in the tree right above me. Then all of a sudden, God spoke to me as if He wrote it on the leaves of the tree. My life is just like that tree. There are living branches full of green leaves, but there are also a couple of branches that have died and need pruned off. As I was pondering this, a robin landed on the dead branch I was focused on. Immediately God gave me peace. Even in times of pruning, I am still in His care. These are truths that I have heard over and over again, but it is so cool how God can bring these truths to life in your heart. So a part of finding my identity in Him involves pruning. Loving and gentle pruning.

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Noelle said...

Hey do you guys have any pictures from your vacation??? I've been waiting for you to post some new pics!! =)