Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Long Time No See!

This past month has kept me busy in many ways! With everyday schedules and our computer breaking down, I'm finally able to refresh the blog site. When I have more time I will update with some pictures of the highlights of our past month. Right now I want to focus on what the Lord is leading me in. I have been striving to find my identity in the Lord. This has stemmed from an encouragement by my mentor mom at MOPS the last meeting. I've heard that before, " find your identity in Christ." I never fully understood what that meant. Yes, I trust in Jesus Christ as my Savior, yes I believe He is with me, yes, I try to live my life everyday for Him...but finding my identity in Him has stumped me. Does that mean more than what I've been doing? Am I already doing that? The Lord has been guiding me through this in some awesome ways! For instance, My mentor mom started this by saying she wished when her children were young, that she would have encouraged her children to do the right thing and then let the Lord do the rest. To pray for them and let the Lord be the one that works in their life. I have often times been on my kids back with how they need to act, how they need to talk, how they need to dress...etc... Then I'm stressed if they step out of my mold I think they should be in. How FREEING this has been for me. The Lord has called me to let go of all the things I try to make my identity in, being a mother of the best behaved kids, having a clean house 24/7, being the best wife, making healthy meals for my kids, having it all under control...etc... Instead, I have been trying to teach my children what's right and then...I give them to the Lord. I pray that He will work in their lives. My Pastor preached a sermon this Sunday about time. It went right along with what I've been striving for. We either want time to slow down, speed up or stop! We focus our attention on fighting time rather than finding our identity in Christ and letting Him use time in our lives for His glory. I have a lot to learn. The Lord has been graciously walking me through changing my identity...for the better!

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Valerie Hunter said...

Julie, I hope you'll post more about this journey. I'm walking through something similar...having and raising babies has basically consumed my identity for the past 6 years. Now that I see elements of that season becoming things of the past, I'm realizing how much I need to focus on finding myself in Christ again...otherwise I'm finding myself handicapped by my desire to hang onto this season with a steel grip, because I have loved it so much and I fear I don't have what it takes to do what comes next (ie, "letting go")!