Saturday, May 9, 2009


On Hallie's birthday, Nate's parents came up for a visit. Grandma J made a Barbie cake. Hallie wanted to cuddle with it at first. Then she played with the frosting in her hands.

Hallie was the only one of my kids who was not walking before her 1st birthday. She would take a few steps with out holding on. Well Grandma and Papa got her some arm floaties and once we put them on her, she started walking! It was the funniest thing! It's like they helped her balance! She's been walking 75% of the time now!

Saturday we had her big birthday party. For each of my kids, we have had a big 1 year party!

This was the first time to ever make a lamb cake. I had to bake it twice, first time it didn't all come out of the pan.

Hallie and cousin Tyler. The oldest and the youngest grandkids for my parents.

My dad driving the power wheels!!! I'm SO glad I had my camera!

Happy Birthday Sweet One!

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