Thursday, July 2, 2009


Here are our pictures of our vacation to Wisconsin. We stopped at the Jelly Belly factory and had a free tour. The best part was the free bag of jelly belly's at the end!

After visiting with Nate's sister's family, we headed off to the Great Wolfe Lodge in Wisconsin Dells.

THis is Luke and I coming out of the Howlin' Tornado Water was a lot of fun!

The wave pool, Luke liked this the best!

These were racing slides that were a lot of fun! You went down on mats that you laid on your tummy with. Luke and Nate are just coming out of the tubes.

The Lodge had 3 indoor waterparks and one outdoor waterpark. In the evening it had a mechanical puppet show for the kids as a bedtime story. Nate and the older two enjoyed the arcade while me and the younger two kids stayed in the hotel room at nap time. Our room was nice. It had a loft room and a balcony. It was a fun trip! We were all worn out and happy to get home.

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