Thursday, March 5, 2009

God is Bigger Than The Boogie Man

This song, along with ALL the veggie tale songs are constantly running around in my head these days. Mostly because Micah, as soon as we get into the van asks, "Do Bob and Layray Mom!" But you know, it's funny, God can even use things like veggie tales, to speak to me. God has been working in my life in many ways. Lately I've been struggling with fear. Fear of what, you ask? You name it and I'll find some way to worry about it. Nate says to just relax and stop worrying. I'D LOVE TO. But it's easier said than done. Another area of my life God is working with me is to be prepared to be interrupted. I'm a focused individual who usually has a plan. But God has shown me that His plan is bigger than mine. Sometimes my plan needs to be interrupted to fulfill His. I'm trying to learn to be sensitive to His leading. Everyday I see how I fail. Yet God is also showing me small victories too. So even though I might be worrying about everything under the sun, God is bigger and He's watching out for you and me!

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Becky V said...

Thanks Juls... I will have the song on my mind for days now!!! :)