Monday, March 16, 2009

Breathe In ...Breathe Out!

Okay, I have a few minutes to finally blog! This past week was pretty hectic. I'm looking forward to a slower week this week. What's been going on you ask? How much time do you have?!? Last week we had plans every night. Monday, my friend Keri and I went shopping for Jen's surprise party. Tuesday, I think I was only home for a couple hours spread throughout the day. The evening was worship dance practice. Wednesday, I had a dentist appointment and we had church in the evening. Thursday, I did my grocery shopping and we had worship team practice in the evening. Friday, we had a dinner at a friends house with an African pastor. Which, by the way, was really a cool experience! Saturday I made sloppy joes and shredded chicken sandwiches for Jen's party in the evening. (On a side note, my thumb muscles are still soar from shredding about 4 pounds of chicken. Nate laughs at that. But really, how do you exercise your thumb muscles??) Add to the week, school pick-up and drop off, MOPS, ballet, rescuing my mom who got locked out of the house (which I was happy to do Mother!) and then Micah getting sick, it was a busy week! But I can breathe a sigh of relief now!
Here are some recent pictures of the kids:

Don't mess with Hallie when she has her apple!

Luke loves to do art work. I am seriously considering having him paint a picture of our family on a canvas and hanging it in our dinning room. I think that would be cute!

This picture and the next, shows you what Micah looks like when I am chasing him with the vacuum.

First time with curlers!
She had a blast!
Jen's surprise party!
Happy Birthday Jen!

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Jim and April said...

I think you should frame lukes sister does that with the kids artwork around the house and it looks so nice because they are in nice frames! Micah’s (vacuum hiding) pics are SO cute! I think melissa looks like a little movie star with her curlers…she is so beautiful!