Thursday, January 22, 2009

Winter Pictures

Nate did not like our storage for the hats and gloves. The only place we could put them was on our shelf above our coats. It was a pain because every time you would pull out a hat, three other things would come with it. So I thought that we would try an over the door shoe holder. That way it's low enough for the kids it get their own things and put them away when they're done. So far it's worked out great!

I read in a family fun magazine, to keep snow from getting in your gloves, to cut slits in old socks to put your fingers through and then pull the socks all the way up your sleeves. Then put your gloves or mittens on top. Luke and Melissa liked them so much that they had to keep wearing them the rest of the night :)

Micah and Melissa
He only lasted about 7 minutes!
Our family :) by: Luke
What a sweet boy.
This is Hallie getting stuck under the chair.
This is Hallie getting the royal treatment. She was given toys, pillows and blankies as she was pushed around in her "chariot."
My big girl!

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