Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Saturday

My day started out nice and lazy. Last night, Luke invited Melissa to have a sleepover in his room. I think that is so cute! But it means early risers. They got up at the crack of dawn and watched some cartoons. Nate and I were able to sleep in till 8:30! I fed Hallie around 5:30 so I knew she would sleep in too. We enjoyed a lazy morning, then I got busy and made some pumpkin donuts. I chopped up some apples to add to them and they were really good! I forgot how long it takes to fry up all that batter! So we ate donuts for lunch! Nate has had a virus this past week so he took an afternoon nap along with the younger three kids. Luke and I had a nice time together painting pictures. It's always challenging to get out the paints with the younger kids. The kids watched some netflix movies on our computer when the younger ones woke up. I started the clean-up process in the kitchen. Then I was ready to do something, so we loaded up and went sledding! I had a blast! Nate and Hallie watched us. I was laughing like a kid! Micah only made it down twice... that was enough for him...then he joined Daddy and Hallie in the van. There was one track that someone had made two "ramps" on it. So I went down that track forward but somehow spun around and was going down backwards, screaming, hitting the ramps the rest of the way! I think I bruised my tailbone! It didn't stop me though, we still had a great time! I was proud of Lis. She kept trekking up that hill dragging the sled behind her. Then she would run and jump on the sled and zoom down! It really wasn't snow anymore, it's really ice so we flew down! I wonder if they make padded sleds for adults? To end the day we had some family devotion time about telling the truth. We ended with the verse, "Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable, think about such things." Phil. 4:8 We have a song on a children's CD that has that verse to music so I got out that song and a puppet. The kids had a blast and took their turns doing the puppet too. So we ended the day with laughing! It was a really nice day. Thank You God for relaxed days with the family like these!

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Valerie Hunter said...

I've always wanted to try donuts. You may have to give me some tips. Do you use a deepfryer?

Where did you guys go sledding? We are always looking for good places to go.