Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Me and My Hobby

When people ask me the question, "What is your hobby?" I have to say baking/cooking. My goal is to make all the recipes in my favorite cookbook. What a huge accomplishment that would be for me. To say I tried ALL these recipes. Now with feeding six of us, it does get to be tiring and monotonous. And the comments from the peanut gallery after trying a new dish is not always positive. But I still have those inspirations when I bake up a storm! And I had that baking bug this past week. So here are some new recipes that I have tried and we have all enjoyed.

Maple Nut Twists
These made my house smell like a bakery! Melissa and Micah liked helping twist them and put them on the cookie sheet.

Fruit Lattice Coffee Cake
I liked this recipe because you mix it one day and stick it in the fridge. Then the next day you just roll it out and bake it. Plus it makes two. It has a lot of butter in it but boy, is it goooood!

Lemon Scones
This was probably my favorite! I'm a sucker for scones! Very delicate texture and bursting with flavor! Not "diet friendly" though...made with heavy cream.

On a healthy note:
I made blueberry cornmeal muffins and pumpkin praline muffins. These were both good. The pumpkin muffins were better than the blueberry, in my opinion. The kids liked both and they were more nutritious than normal recipes.

With all my baking I'm bound to have a flop or two and my flop was a recipe for Irish Brown Bread. I found the recipe in a Family Fun magazine. It said kids love to help make it because you mix it with your hands. The picture looked good so I thought it would be something fun for me and the kids to do one afternoon. FLOP. It was NOT good. The smell of it baking made me want to through it away. Out of 6 new recipes, only 1 flopped. Not bad I suppose.

If anyone is interested in any recipes, let me know, I'll share.


Jim and April said...

oh i bet nate just loves having you as a wife...you seem to bake/cook the neatest things!

Anonymous said...

Hellooooo Martha!

Valerie Hunter said...

Oooh...it's my secret ambition to open my own bakery...want to go into business with me when once our kids are in school all day!?!?!