Friday, November 14, 2008

Micah Gets Eaten by a Chair!

This past week was Luke's first program for school. It was a Veteran's Day program and it was held in the high school auditorium. My clan walks in and finds a seat. Of course the seats are the old movie-style seats that fold up. So you have to weigh more than 60 pounds to keep them from eating you up. Whoever invented these chairs either had no children or had really hefty children. My little ones enjoyed playing on them for the most part of the program until the end I hear Micah starting to whine. I look over and he seems to be stuck. I try to pull him up and he doesn't come. I look down and his feet are completely through the bottom of the chair and the seat part has come up as if to have folded him up! He's not in pain or anything so I'm not panicked. But my mom was sitting beside him and the lady behind him and Nate were all trying to pull here, push there, deciding whether to take his shoes off or not, all while I'm thinking, "Great, leave it my kid to get swallowed up in a chair and have to call the fire department to cut the chair away!" After a few heave-hos he came loose! is definitely not boring!

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Jim and April said...

that gave me a good chuckle...thanks for sharing!