Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Melissa!

Four years ago I was in the hospital loving on my new baby girl! Melissa was born November 16Th, 2004, at 1:56 p.m. She was eight pounds 3.2 oz, my biggest baby, also my "latest" baby, born 2 weeks overdue.

Melissa was an answer to prayer. I thought I was miscarrying her but after a few weeks of bed rest and many, many prayers, the Lord blessed us with a healthy baby girl.

Melissa's name means creativity and filled with kindness. Christine, her middle name, is my Grandma's middle name, my niece's middle name, and it means Christ-like, devoted friend. That is my prayer for her!

Adding Melissa to our family has added, sweetness. She has a way about her that is just sweet! She loves watching me put on make-up begging for some too. She loves dresses and skirts. In fact we see many a tears when she has to wear pants. She is all girl.

Some special memories of Melissa are:

~ When Melissa was 2, I caught her sneaking those white Styrofoam balls (the ones found in potting soil) up her nose! She came to me, pointed at her face and said, "Nose...nose!" Being a mother of young children, I've learned to keep my pinkie nail long for such occasions.

~ I recorded some of Melissa's first words:
Toilet paper - Roller taper
Night-gown - Night-time
Nursing Mother's chest - Baby feeders
Hit - Knock (Example - "Bubba knocked on me!")
Hairbands - Curlies
Lissa's daily prayer, "For our food. Help Nana coughing, Pappy, Papa, Amen." I told my mom that she shouldn't ever have a cough for the rest of 2007 because Melissa always prayed that prayer!

~ Here are some of the songs Melissa has sang.
"Mary did you know, the muffin man."
"I've been working on the rainbow."
"Hush little baby don't say a word, Momma's going to buy you a monkey bird."

She enjoyed getting some birthday cards in the mail. She loved opening up the card from her great Aunt and Uncle Brundage that was a strawberry shortcake card! She LOVED it! She also got a card from her Grandma and Papa Jungeberg that had a check in it and she was jumping up and down yelling, "They got me a ticket!!!" I asked her what the ticket was for and she stopped and said, "I don't know." Toysrus also sends out little gift cards for $3.oo if you are in the birthday club, she called it her "credit card!"

Yesterday at her birthday party, Nana, Pappy, Grandma Wee Wee, Uncle Jeremy, Jared and Seth came and helped celebrate her birthday. I made a butterfly cake for her. The wings were ice cream and the body was cupcakes. Then we had extra cup cakes to go around. Melissa said she could not wait to blow the "windows" out on her cake!

Here are some pics:

Uncle Jamey and Aunt Vicki gave us their play kitchen in July! We managed to keep it hidden to give it to Melissa on her birthday. So that is what she opened up as soon as she got up. The other kids had fun playing with it too! What a blessing for hand-me-downs!!! Thanks Jame and Vic!

Grandma Wee Wee and my kiddos! I'm so blessed that my Grandma can be here for my kids to know! She is so special!

A sleeping "pal" that Nana and Pappy gave. She insisted on sleeping on it at night. And it had to be on the floor! She made it til about 2:00 in the morning and when I came in to feed Hallie, Melissa whispered, "I want to sleep in my bed."

Butterfly Cake

Nice action pic huh?

Daddy and his Birthday girl! Mommy and her Birthday girl!

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Jim and April said... cute! I LOVED the songs that she sang! So cute! Great idea of recording all those things she did or said! THe cake you made her is so incredibly adorable and perfect for a little girl...i love how you did the body of the butterfly with cupcakes!