Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Family Devotions Made Real

In sticking with our theme of Honoring God with our family time devotions, our family has been able to witness this first hand. This weekend our van started leaking oil. And now as a family of six we don't fit in a car anymore. So we stayed home from church because we were house-bound and started making plans for the upcoming week of what to do with one car. Some friends came to visit us after church and surprised by offering their extra vehicle to us, which seats seven, to use until we get our van fixed! We were so thankful! It was a perfect opportunity to teach the kids about honoring God with your possessions. Thanks, Jon and Keri, for your thoughtfulness! It means more than you know!
Might I also add, this vehicle we are borrowing has a DVD player in it. You know what that means don't you? .....I'm sitting in the back with the kids :)

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Jim and April said...

how awesome that God took care of you, as He always does, and provided a lesson for you to teach your kids at the same time! God is so good!