Monday, November 24, 2008

Is it the Weather?

I'm not sure what has gotten into my kids today. First, I had made a cookie cake, for a friend's birthday tonight, and left it to cool on the counter. When I come back into the dining room, I see the cookie cake on the table with handfuls taken out of it. My blood is starting to boil. I go downstairs, following the crumb trail, and tell the kids to get upstairs! Melissa looks at the cookie and says with her lip quivering, "We didn't do it." Their bottoms were sore and sitting on the couch till my blood started to simmer. Then as I am changing the sheets on Melissa's bed, Micah comes in the room with a lamp shade on his head! Melissa said he was climbing on the end table and the lamp fell off. So he puts the shade on his head! Breathe...just breathe. Next, Melissa falls off a shelf and bumps her head. A shelf, might I add, that she has been told not to ever climb on...because you will get hurt! And finally, I go into the bathroom and Micah is standing on the counter, playing with my candles in my handle holder on the wall!

So I had to improvise on the cookie cake. I didn't have enough butter to make a whole other cookie. So I cut away the "used" parts and made a leaf with butterflies on it. All things considered it turned out pretty good. Melissa and Micah kept looking at it so I put it on top of my hutch. That ought to do it!

Here's a pic of the cookie:


Jim and April said...

how cute is that! What was your original shape you had the cookie in? It turned out great! sorry for your rough day! I remember the day our old dog ate a cake that I needed to take to a doctor's sent me over the edge! Days like that are tough!

Anonymous said...

It was just in a circle. A pizza pan. I was going to frost it brown and have the pink butterflies on it with dotted lines behind them flying. It was supposed to be easy. But then I had to frost the sides and contend with the crumbs of the cut parts. Not fun as you know :)