Saturday, November 29, 2008

Check Please!

Today we braved it to a sit down restaurant with all four kids. I took Melissa and Micah to the bathroom to go potty and wash hands. Things were going well until I was sitting on the potty and the other two open the stall door! So I am doing one of those half crunch over things and pull the door shut and tell Lissa, through clenched teeth, "You better hold that door shut as tight as you can." And every time Micah moves I start "whisper yelling" DON'T MOVE!
We get back to the table, a big corner booth, so you have to slide all the way around til you get to your seat! Micah decides to try out his wall climbing skills, Hallie grabs my glass of water and spills it on my seat, Melissa starts yelling cause Luke was bugging her, Luke, Melissa and Micah ALL end up on the floor at least once throughout our lunch and Micah doesn't want to eat, he just wants to wear Melissa's sunglasses! Yes, we were drawing a crowd. As I'm walking out of the restaurant, wet bottom and all, Nate says, "Well, Cheddar's, see ya in 2 more years!"


Jim and April said...

haa haa...glad you were able to go out...sorry for all the little mishaps...but I am sure its something you can laugh about later...thats funny what nate said about seeing cheddars in two years!

Valerie Hunter said... guys are brave! We did Bob Evans when Levi was tiny and slept the whole time. I can't see us trying it anytime soon!

Noelle said...

So I guess we won't be going out to dinner this year after church!!! Ha, ha!!! Jim and I prefer dining out by ourselves also but the girls aren't bad when they're with us...we just end up picking up toys and bottles off the floor every minute or two when Keira decides she done with them! =) You asked me last year if I wanted to join "the madness" of more kids, I just told Jim last week I'm ready for him to go get "fixed"! 2 kids is still manageable...and some days already overwhelming!! =) But we sure wouldn't choose life without any of them now would we!! =) Can't wait to see you guys soon!!

Jeremy and Kristi Smith said...

We took our 4 (before Kaleb) to Outback steakhouse about 2 years ago and that was the last sit down restaurant we have been to since with the kids. At least yours didnt end up with one of them puking all over the booth like about people staring! It still stresses me out thinking about that two hour disaster/adventure!